PT | EN / Client Area
  • Date: 2015
  • Location: Bairro Petrópolis, Porto Alegre/RS
  • Length in Meters: 100m²

A new, empty apartment with windows framing a fantastic view of the city. The first impression is the most lasting one and could not help but take advantage of this beauty that came from outside the apartment.

Located on the 14th floor of a building in the Petrópolis neighborhood, we first organized all the wishes of owners in the layout.

The TV panel reflects the image of the city, as the sofa has its back to the window to make better use of the areas, when we organized the layout.

To watch movies, the option was to install blackout curtains as there are no external shutters in the apartment.

Another important item is the use of spaces. To prevent the cabinets from being exposed in a basic way, we designed the TV panel, also framing the alcohol-fueled fireplace, and covered part of it with a mirror and part with fabric, deceiving the eyes at first glance. That prevents visitors from realizing that there is a cabinet there.

The fabrics are the same as those used in wall coverings, we use synthetic suede for its soft and cozy touch.

The credenza also has the front doors and drawers lined in this same fabric.

The repetition of colors and materials helped create a clean and cozy atmosphere, bringing more unity to the living room.

We created a bench for the barbecue grill in white Quartz. This countertop houses a wine cellar hidden by a slatted door on the side of the furniture and a chair with casters built into the side opposite the grill. So, we have another option of living area, but in day-to-day the workbench is clean only by being a room partition, organizing the access between kitchen and living room.

In the lobby, we worked with horizontal stripes to visually extend the room and the mirror covers the opposite wall by duplicating the information.

Some classic furnishings, such as the comfortable dresser in the hall, the coffee table that also serves as ottoman and the gray rock crystal chandelier provide the environment with clean and contemporary shapes.

The toilet has a glass tub designed especially for this environment and that catches our eye as we enter the room. Inserted on a white marble countertop, the light installed in the lower part of the sink bench further enhances the tub, as the translucent marble allows light to pass through the material.

The home office had as its starting point the sofa bed that was custom-built for guests to sleep without losing the charm of the study room.

Pictures with selected fabric frames hung on the wood-paneled wall display moments of the couple’s travels.

In the couple’s suite, we take advantage of all the spaces to insert the cabinets of harmonic wood and the panel made of light squares cushioned behind the head of the bed generates a unique warmth to the room.

Living social / Apartamento cinza / Apartamento cinza e branco / Decor cinza
Acesso ao living / Portas de entrada / Porta principal
Living Social / Cortinas luxaflex / Hunter douglas / Silhouette / persianas
Living / Salas em cinza / Decor contemporâneo
Bancada Gourmet Living
Lareira living
Nichos e bancada gourmet
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Suíte Bebê
Suíte Bebê